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Greek Tzatziki

Updated: Sep 25, 2022

Have you ever tried making Greek Tzatziki? Creamy Greek yoghurt is combined with grated cucumber and spiced with garlic, dill and vinegar. Simple, fresh and healthy! I paired it with roasted cherry tomatoes to make a fabulous appetizer.

Tzatziki is a traditional greek dish and the basic ingredients are greek yoghurt, cucumber ,garlic, olive oil and vinegar. Usually it is made with dill, but this ingredient is optional, so if you aren't a fan of dill you can just avoid it.



Servings: 20 pieces (15 gr. each)

Preparation time: 15 minutes


600 gr. Greek yoghurt, strained

1 cucumber, grated

2-3 cloves of garlic, minced

3 tbsp. dill (optional)

4 tbsp. extra virgin olive oil (plus extra for drizzling)

3-4 tbsp vinegar

lemon zest from 1/2 lemon (optional)



cherry tomatoes (optional)


  • Peel cucumber and grate it using the large blades of a mandolin.

  • Transfer in a clean towel and squeeze to strain its liquids.

  • Place it in a big bowl. Add Greek strained yoghurt, minced garlic, salt, pepper, lemon zest, vinegar, extra virgin olive oil, dill and mix very well until homogenized.

  • In a medium pan add cherry tomatoes, drizzle some extra virgin olive oil, season with salt and pepper and roast for approximately 20 minutes.

  • Serve Tzatziki on a serving plate, place the roasted cherry tomatoes on top, drizzle with some extra virgin olive oil and enjoy!


Did you make this recipe?? I would be happy to see yours! Tag @sweetandsalty_feelings on Instagram and hashtag it #sweetandsaltyfeelings


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